R-2000 Certified New Homes

The technical requirements for an R-2000 certified home involve three main areas of construction:

  1. Energy Performance
  2. Indoor Air Quality
  3. Environmental Responsibility

Here’s what makes your home an R-2000 compliant home:

  • R-2000 represents a way of building homes, not a specific design, style or type of home. Virtually any home can become an R-2000 home.
  • Every R-2000 home is designed and built to reduce heat loss and air leakage. Extra insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and careful air-sealing are standard features.
  • The mechanical systems for heating, cooling and ventilation are chosen for efficiency and performance.
  • R-2000 construction always includes controlled ventilation to maintain good indoor air quality. Every R-2000 home must have a mechanical ventilation system to bring fresh air in from the outside and exhaust stale air to the outside.
  • R-2000 builders use building products specifically aimed at reducing chemicals, dust and other indoor air pollutants.
  • The R-2000 Standard recognizes the importance of resource conservation both during the construction of the home and later during the ongoing operation of the home. R-2000 homes use only water-saving toilets, showers and faucets. Builders are also required to use materials with recycled content.
  • Only licensed R-2000 builders can offer you an R-2000 home.
  • Every R-2000 home goes through a strict independent quality assurance process of testing and verification.